Renewable hydrogen

It is clear that hydrogen from renewable energy is seen as future pathway that will be supported across Europe. Major industries in Europe support the development of hydrogen for transport, aiming to replace fossil fuels with sustainable alternatives.

We see European politicians willing to invest tens of billions of euros in collective national and EU public funds to develop a hydrogen economy. EU funding projects like NHC provides the opportunity to take the first step to realize the full potential of hydrogen and it support Swedish companies to play a leading role in the energy transition. Swedish industry and society could benefit by embracing new technology and business opportunities.

Hydrogen can be produced from a number of energy sources and with different processing technologies. Today, hydrogen only represent a small portion of the global energy mix, and largely produced from fossil fuel such as natural gas or coal. One of the main drivers for renewable hydrogen becoming more popular, is that production cost is decreasing and green hydrogen is becoming costefficient. Currently we are seeing a process of development and one way to progress is through demonstration projects.