Nordic Hydrogen Corridor (NHC), has since its start in 2017 acted as a door opener for new hydrogen filling stations around Sweden. The project aims to be a “first mover” through the entire value chain of renewable hydrogen: from production, establishment of hydrogen filling stations to implementation of fuel cell vehicles.

In addition to planned hydrogen filling stations within the NHC project, more than 50 hydrogen filling stations are planned to be built in Sweden. The goal is to establish a network of hydrogen filling stations from north to south, as well as to connect our capitals in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Since the start of NHC, over fifty towns and municipalities have shown interest in establishing a local hydrogen infrastructure. In addition to building hydrogen gas filling stations within the project, a major part of the activities have been about raising the importance of hydrogen in the transport sector and promoting a sustainable value chain.

The project partners have worked closely with municipalities with spreading knowledge and awareness activities. And all efforts are now paying off. Swedish government and authorities have noticed the demand for a hydrogen infrastructure. Resulting in the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Swedish Energy Agency has decided to finance expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure via the national funds “Klimatklivet” and Regional electrification pilots programs.

NHC has an important role in paving the way for the implementation of zero-emission vehicles. The next step should now come from the government, with a solid plan to ensure continued expansion of the value chain and its synergies.