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To start something new, to implement new technology often starts with a few enthusiasts and after time, more and more join to start the change towards a sustainable society. Read about the different locations in the NHC project and their journey towards implementing hydrogen refueling stations.

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Uddevalla is planning for hydrogen in their energy system

Uddevalla has an ambitious climate plan and aims to be fossil-free by 2030. Hydrogen is one of the enablers in their clean energy transition. With a strategic and innovative mind, Uddevalla is one of the cities in the NHC project aiming to build a hydrogen refueling station during 2022.

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The journey towards hydrogen in Trelleborg

Despite 750.000 trucks passing the city each year and one of the largest ports in Sweden, Trelleborg has an ambition to be climate neutral by 2030. The city is putting hope to green hydrogen to be one of the enablers for decarbonization and the development towards an attractive and sustainable city.

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